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So How Does Trio Meals Work???
First you pick which meal plan your interested in.
 3, 4, or 8 ( split over two weeks) Meals
Then you pick the plan your interested in
Full Service -  Lunch and Dinner ( Add Breakfast for Minimal Fee)
Dinner Only  - Dinner Including a Starch and Vegetable
Lastly consider your tastes and budget:
Pick a Tier  - click on each individual Silver or Gold, Platinum available upon request. 
Description below for full menu details and pricing
Silver Menu and Pricing -
Dining on a Dime ( for the healthily, yet budget conscious parent)
(80%  Lean Ground Beef, Chicken Tenderloins/Thighs/Quarters, Ground Turkey, Italian and Chorizo Sausage, Pork Chops, Catfish/Cod)
Gold  Menu and Pricing-
 Well Balanced Variety of Proteins and Vegetables
(90-93% Lean Ground Beef, Lean Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast/Tenderloin, all Sausage Varieties, Pork Chops/Loin/Tenderloin/Ham, Tilapia/Salmon/Shrimp/crab mix/Snapper)
Platinum Menu and Pricing-
 Gourmet Goodness( Quality High End Choices)
(Leanest Proteins and Steaks, All Natural Chicken Breast, All Pork Varieties, All Fish Choices (excluding Caviar and Lobster( based on market price), Lamb, Veal, Duck, ECT.
Want 100% Organic Vegetables and Fruits, as well as All Natural 100% Nitrate/Hormone Free Chicken - grain fed, All Natural Vegetarian Fed Beef
Add an additional 20% to your Tier.

Once you decide your Tier, you meet with our personal chef and plan a healthy menu your family will love. We then set up a delivery date and outline which meals are designed for immediate eating and which are best suited for the freezer.
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